About Matthew

Matthew Corrigan used to have a nice little business until everything went wrong at once. Underqualified for a proper job and overqualified for an, erm, improper one, he picked up a pencil and uncovered latent talent as a writer. In 2011, he entered and won a local writing competition with the first story he had written since childhood. Foolishly emboldened by this early success and with no real idea of what was involved, he began to write his first novel.

The result, OSPREY, was published in 2014. It told the tale of a dubious politician with an even more dubious scheme involving flying wind turbines. He has recently finished his second novel and is tentatively considering a third.

Comically impecunious, his dream of a farmhouse in the west of Brittany remains elusive. Anyone wishing to prolong his preposterous fantasy can buy a copy of his novel through all good bookshops or as an ebook here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/OSPREY-Razor-Sharp-Government-Lunacy-ebook/dp/B00JQ9G1R2


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