"Fiction... Or is it?"

Author of OSPREY. New novel coming soon.

Hello And Welcome To My Website.

Original, huh? As a writer it’s important to establish a presence on the web but whaddayaknow – I’m sitting here trying to think of something humourous or intelligent and I can’t think of a single thing to say. It’s like that feeling – you know – when someone hands a card around the office for everyone to sign. You open it, read all the amusing comments, pick up your pen with a flourish and scrawl… Happy Birthday Bob.

Ah well, since you’re here already why not have a look around? You can see what I’m writing about at the moment and my plans for the future.

Feel free to get in touch through the contact page. Writing is a lonely pastime. I’m always interested in feedback and remain eternally grateful that people have actually read my words.

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